What is AS 4084-2012

AS 4084-2012 is the Australian Standard for steel racking, specifically adjustable static pallet racking. It covers the minimum requirements for hot-rolled or cold-form steel structural members, installed within a building, outside a building, as well as racking that forms part of the frame of the building.

Australian standards are considered some of the most stringent in the world, and AS 4084-2012 is an important guide to managing risks and reduce fatalities in the working environment.

The particular Australian Standard was updated from AS 4084-1993 for steel storage racking and was approved by approving body in 2012. The standard applies to the traditional method of product storage in a warehouse known as static pallet racking which is reliant on open metal shelving for pallet storage. The open structure of the racks allows the pallets to be placed and seated into the racking by a forklift.

The standard however does not apply to mobile racking which is mounted on electronically powered mobile bases and storage racks that are integrated into storage and retrieval systems. It also does not apply to drive-in racking which allows pallets to be placed and slide in backwards on rails to allow for a deeper storage. AS 4084-2012 does not cover the storage of dangerous goods as classified under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

Many industries that rely on steel racking for storage need to be AS 4084-2012 compliant. This includes, but is not limited to: removalists and storage companies, distribution companies, manufacturers, the food and beverage industry, retail stores, cold storage facilities and warehousing. A copy of the AS 4084-2012 Steel Storage Racking can be purchased from the Standards Australia online store or SAI Global Standards.

To ensure steel racking is safe in the workplace and remains compliant, inspections should be carried out at least one a year. Furthermore, if you believe an event or an impact has compromised the structure, an immediate inspection should be carried out to determine the safe load limit. Proper procedures outlined in the AS 4084-2012 should be followed to reduce the potential for collapse or injury, this should include alleviating the rack of stress by unloading if safe and repair or replace on advise of a qualified inspector.