About the Internet Society of Australia

What is ISOC-AU?

The Internet Society of Australia, ISOC-AU, was founded in 1996. It is a non-profit, user-focused organisation which promotes development of the Internet in Australia to benefit the whole community, including business, academic, professional, and private Internet users.

ISOC-AU is committed to the positive evolution of the Internet. It is the Australian chapter of the worldwide Internet Society, ISOC – the parent body of the Internet Engineering Task Force: a large, open community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers which actually creates the protocols and standards that are fundamental to Internet operation.

Members of ISOC-AU are able to:

  • Have their say in submissions on public policy and critical Internet issues affecting Australia
  • Stay informed with our mailing-lists
  • Support ongoing international Internet development through ISOC and the IETF
  • Receive reduced entry fees to meetings, conferences, and events held by our Organisational Members


What does ISOC-AU do?

ISOC-AU provides technically knowledgeable advice on Internet development and public policy. It offers an environment in which members may seek information, discuss issues, and provide input into official policy submissions that the Society takes to industry and government on the members’ behalf. Through parent body ISOC, members also take part in international Internet policy development.

ISOC-AU represents the interests of the users of the Internet. The Internet industry in Australia is required to be self-regulatory: to consult with and take into account the needs and concerns of all users, including individuals, vendors and business interests. ISOC-AU is widely respected as the provider of the informed end-user voice that is essential to this process. Our Organisational Members represent more than 40,000 Internet users at all levels of Internet industry, research and infrastructure.


How is ISOC-AU organised?

Individual Members: Anyone may join ISOC-AU as an individual member (concession rates apply for students and pensioners). Members may use mailing-lists, contribute to submissions, be part of parent-body ISOC, attend networking get-togethers, and receive reduced fees to conferences. Members become part of a friendly, informed network of people at all levels of Internet experience.

Organisational Members: Any group that uses the Internet may join as an Organisational Member at grass-roots Foundation level, or established Enterprise level. Representatives of Organisational Members have the same benefits as individual members. The organisation also receives access to multiple memberships, exposure on our Web site, cross-promotion of relevant events, and may take part in ISOC-AU’s Advisory Council and special forums.

Sponsors: ISOC-AU sponsors show by their support a direct commitment to the development of the Internet and gain the opportunity to network with some of the most Internet-experienced people in Australia. They may take part in the Advisory Council, to offer perspective and input into submissions. Sponsors also receive a number of memberships, marketing exposure at events and on the Society’s website, and may highlight their status as supporters of ISOC-AU in their own marketing.

Directors: Members elect a board of twelve directors, who appoint an executive director. One-third of the board is rotated each year and any member may stand for board election at the AGM. Directors meet each month via teleconference and at least twice a year in person.


What has ISOC-AU achieved?

Since incorporation in 1996, the Society has provided submissions to government and industry bodies on important Internet issues such as:

  • Key Steps for high-quality Internet development
  • Privacy Legislation
  • Internet Assistance Program
  • Domain Name Services
  • ISP Code of Practice
  • National Bandwidth Inquiry
  • Broadband technology
  • Broadcasting Services Act amendments
  • Community involvement in parliamentary procedures
  • Tax Office Electronic Commerce project

ISOC-AU works cooperatively with a number of industry bodies, and has been involved in:

  • Telecommunication consumer consulation meetings across Australia
  • ACIF (Aust Communications Industry Forum) Industry Code development
  • CTN (Consumers’ Telecommunications Network) Council representation
  • Co-organising the Connecting the Future advanced networks forum
  • Hosting a meeting for international domain names body ICANN
  • Initiating formation of the Smart Internet CRC
  • Helping found the National ICT Alliance
  • Is a board member of auDA, organisation for Australian Domain Names
  • SETEL, Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre
  • The SPAN Broadband Xchange industry forum
  • The Telstra Community Consultative Council
  • The Community Networking Conference 2002


  • Objectives of the Society
  • Directors of the Society
  • Constitution – Articles of Association
  • Constitution – Memorandum of Association
  • Activities and Annual Reports
  • Minutes from Society Meetings
  • The Privacy Policy of ISOC-AU